Shoulder instability post Latarjet Procedure

Acute phase (0-6 weeks)​

  • Sling x 4 weeks

    • Pendulums at 4 weeks postop

    • Active, AAROM in shoulder flex/ext plane is OK

    • Full Elbow and wrist ROM OK

    • No Shoulder ER past 0 degrees

    • No shoulder abduction

    • Deltoid isometrics OK

Intermediate phase (6-10 weeks)

  • Go SLOW

  • DO NOT PUSH through pain to regain motion

  • No Assisted shoulder ER past 0 degrees

  • No Forward flexion > 90 degrees

  • No Abduction > 90 degrees|


  • Pool exercises for AAROM in flex/ex, horizontal Adduction

  • OK to start light vertical rows

  • Exercises should be narrow grip and in front

  • No flies or bench press

  • Can do AROM, strength and isometrics

Weeks 10-16 postop

  • Continue PT as above

  • Go SLOW, do not push through pain

  • Advance motion slowly

  • PRE’s for biceps, triceps, scapula

  • No ER PRE’s

4 months postop

  • AROM, AAROM to improve ER

    • Goal 10-20 degrees less than other side

  • Keep PRE’s below horizontal plane for non-throwers

6 months postop

  • Return to sports / full activity / swimming for non-throwers

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